Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Increase Communication in Six Sigma Teams

Communication is critical in project management especially within teams that operate in multiple locations. This is a very good article that discusses the solutions for remote six sigma teams looking to increase communication within members of the team.

Brief summary of 7 solutions written by the author, Thomas Ostasiewski:

1.Push very hard for an initial face-to-face meeting for the entire team. (face-face interaction is critical)
2.Personally reach out to each member and get to know them. (know others)
3.Let the team get to know you. (let others know you)
4.Get as many in-person events as you can afford. (interaction with others)
5.When you can’t meet in person, use video conferencing. (Use of technology)
6.Discuss the project and its needs with the remote team members’ boss.
7.Keep your sponsor very well informed every step of the way.

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