Monday, April 19, 2010

Comparison of (CPI) approaches - Lean, Six Sigma and TOC-

Industryweek recently published an article that analyzes the implementation of various Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma and TOC at Brazilian mines and metalurgical plants. The author, Reza Pirasteh, gives an insightful analysis of the conditions, implementation and the results achieved by the methodologies implemented in the plants.

More importantly, this article compares the effects and contributions of Lean, Six Sigma and TOC to the organizations in several ways; if applied in logical sequences versus each CPI method applied all by itself.

It is an interesting read not only for those in the mining industry but for everyone that is in need to compare each methodolgy and decide which is more effective in environments with different characteristics.

Article and the case study can be found by following the link below;
Integration of Lean, Six Sigma & TOC Improves Performance by Reza Pirasteh.

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